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Browse the MEN IN PERIL BLOG to see posts featuring uncensored fantasy content depicting your favorite fetishes of conquered white men, men in peril, male hurt, and exploiting men—including sexually explicit interracial images.

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     * *Baja Clavius (sci-fi for gay men)
     * *Desouza Vault — 3D Males (collection of illustrated storybooks, image box sets and hot quick pix)
     * *Studio 9999 Las Vegas (sexy, wet role playing)

Huge Desouza Vault is Open:

If you collect Madeira Desouza’s 3D Males works, you definitely will want to check out the huge collection of fantasy men in peril stories and images gathered all in one convenient location available to you right now.

Top Choice in the Desouza Collection…

“Male Peril is a popular fantasy
for many men nowadays!”

When you think about it, life is way too short to worry about what people think of you or about what kind of fantasies about men you may have. Don’t focus on what others think. Forget them. You are more important to consider than them. Look inside yourself first. Male peril fantasies have been around for centuries. Men in peril are the subject of many stories and images around the world.

  Here you will find many examples of male peril worth fantasizing over. Customized fantasies now available to you.

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