Taking a Bullet to the Balls

Cameron has gotten himself into trouble with guys who are unmerciful. They strip him naked and fuck him rough, forcing him to shoot his load against his will.
Rough fucking Cameron and forcing him to shoot his loadThey tell him to prepare to take a bullet to the balls. How can a man possibly prepare for that?

Cameron shot

After Cameron’s cock and balls have been torn to shreds by the bullet, the shooter tells him that bleeding out could take well over two hours. He begs to be shot in the head to end his intense agony.

Cameron bleeds out

The shooter agrees if he will open his mouth wide to swallows all the man juices coming his way. So, he opens his mouth very wide and waits.

Cameron's death

The shooter laughs at him after ejaculating onto him. All the men laugh, too. But, there will be no bullet to the brain.

Three full hours pass before the screaming stops and all signs of life are at last completely absent.

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