Perils of a Country Guy

[author and artist: Madeira Desouza]

Out of work and desperate in the Deep South during the economic ruin following the coronavirus, a country guy, just 21, accepted he was at a crossroads in his life. He decided the best he had going for him were a sizeable cock, massive balls, broad shoulders, and muscles.

He never finished high school and had jumped from agricultural labor jobs at one employer to another until there just were no more opportunities for him. Overnight he decided he should turn to using his body to make a living. He scraped together cash to buy personal advertisements in newspapers. The headline contained a simple offer: Muscled Country Guy for Low Rent Action.

country guy

A local college athlete responded to the cell phone number in the personal advertisement and became the country boy’s first prospect at a forgettable cheap room on the edge of town. “You seem real horny,” were the first words the athlete spoke.

“Guess so,” was the quiet reply.

Then came the moment of truth: “What you gonna charge?”

The country guy asked, “For sex with me?”

“Well, yeah,” the athlete man answered, realizing the obvious inexperience of the highly sexy, masculine guy who was right there nude and defenseless in front of him on that bed. “Cash. Depends on what we do.”

“I need to know what you want,” said the country guy as he teasingly stroked his thick cock. “We can then agree on how much cash, okay?”

The athlete requested cowboy style, which the country guy had never heard of. So the athlete climbed on top of the country guy and showed him.

country guy

When the country guy unloaded a thunderous ejaculation upwards into his first prospect, the intense pleasure convinced him of just one simple thing: At last he had found the best way he could make a living. But while recovering from his orgasm, the country guy received powerful punches to the face delivered by the athlete. The country guy was stunned and remained pinned down on that bed, unable to fight back.

country guy

Dazed and struggling to disregard his intense pain from his face being beaten, the country guy slipped to the edge of unconsciousness. He dared not trust his own senses. He thought maybe he was dragged out of bed by the athlete and two other threatening men who each took turns brutally fucked him standing up by the bed.

country guy

The three men forced him outside very quickly to the lonely highway adjacent to the cheap motel. At this point, the country guy only wanted mercy.

country guy

His body with a cruel mouthful was found the next morning in the dirt beside the highway.

country guy

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