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Wild, Brutal Stories of Men in Peril

Wild, brutal stories of men in peril and male death fetish — — Unedited, uncensored storiesfrom authors such as Nullo and Madeira Desouza grouped together…

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The Legend of Pumpkin-Man

He only comes out on Halloween. He is the dreaded Pumpkin-Man who captures and tortures only male victims.

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Unlucky Cowboy

The young cowboy rode from one town to the next, never knowing what to expect. The first person he had seen after many weeks of…

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Devil or Angel?

From Desouza of Vegas comes a new illustrated story in the supernatural theme. Devil or Angel: A Story of the Ancient Jinn — Creatures with…

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Conquest of Afghanistan

See Conquest of Afghanistan based upon current events taking place in Afghanistan after the Taliban victory there.

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