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Perils of a Country Guy

[author and artist: Madeira Desouza] Out of work and desperate in the Deep South during the economic ruin following the coronavirus, a country guy, just…

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Does Balance Matter?

[author and artist: Madeira Desouza] Enjoy an illustrated story entitled “Does Balance Matter?” which explores possibilities for one to become a victim under the control…

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Black on White Action

[author and artist: Madeira Desouza] A sizzling hot collection of illustrations depicting interracial sex action between men.

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Skulls and Balls

[author and artist: Madeira Desouza] A twisted illustrated story in which a young Marine is overcome by a sadistic gang of rough men.

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How I Make a Man

[author and artist: Madeira Desouza] Here’s a fun-to-read full story about what I do each time I make a new male character for my illustrated…

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