Characters for Fantasies

No matter what you may imagine sexually about men, your once-private thoughts and secret desires can be realized in explicitly illustrated and totally uncensored custom fantasy images to satisfy your needs like never before.

Now Accepting Commissioned Work Assignments

Look around at the images of mine at this website or on any website where my images are appealing.

Visit the Studio 9999 Las Vegas section of this website to discover examples of many exciting fantasy guys in sexual situations of your choice who can be made available to you online.

Get in touch with me by email. Let me know simply and in your own words what fantasy you would like me to create for you.

How This Works:

Before I can get started on this work for you, I will need you to send me an email and attach a source photograph (or email me a link to the source photograph.) This can be any image that I have created over many years. Take a look at some samples of my images of men:

Customized Face

I can create an image for you which has a face customized for you upon request. I will need you to email me a photograph to show a close-up of the face of a man from the neck up, without any shadows or sunglasses or other elements covering or blocking any part of his face. Yes, you can email me a photograph of your own face.

I can turn a source photograph into a character’s face. Look at this demonstration which compares a source photo (on the top) and the resulting character face underneath:

face demonstration

Exact Match Precision

Working from a source color photograph results in a strong resemblance for the character face. I caution you to not expect an exact mirror image match of the source image face or hair.

Note: If you want to end up with an exact mirror image match between a source photo and the resulting character face in which the face in the images looks exactly like the face in the photograph you supplied to me, it will be necessary for you to consult a professional photographer to create that kind of precision in a finished image.

I offer you something quite different (and more valuable) compared to what a photographer can sell you:

I deliver to you a highly affordable, illustrated fantasy for you. What you get is an image depicting an interaction within an image between a character with a customized face that you suggested. The character is involved in fictional situation that you described to me. It is very rare to find this kind of converting people’s fantasies using digital face recreations and specific storytelling situations into downloadable files (pdfs) at such a low cost.


Posted Price for One Image

The posted price for one image featuring a fantasy male character that I customize for you based on your specs is just $99.

What I ask from you is an email that describes in your own words what you are hoping the finished image will show. You should be specific and not spare any details of what you want in your fantasy image that I will create for you.

Here is an example of commission work I completed for a guy who wanted me to create a classic fantasy for him from an ancient legend:

Hercules fantasy image

The above image shows a Hercules fantasy theme depicting how it feels for a man to be dominated by an ancient Greek legend. Do you think a professional photographer could provide this kind of work for you?

Another recent example:
Here is a commissioned work which is part of a multi-page story depicting a cock and balls torture fantasy in which a young man discovers the pleasures in his pain. The original fantasy man character I created started with a source photograph of a young man’s face. A professional photographer cannot provide this kind of image for you no matter how much you are willing to pay.

kicked in the balls

What You Can Expect from Me

I am experienced producing customized, fictional male character images created from a source photograph—a close-up of a man’s face. I do not accept photos of females nor do I create female characters. You also can choose to send me a close-up photo of the man you see when you look in the mirror.


Maybe you want a gay adult video performer to be inserted into an image showing you doing terribly harsh but fun things to him just for your stimulation:

Latino fantasy

You may get off savoring your own private totally nude rendition of a hot Hollywood actor whom you want to fuck in the worst way:

Channing Tatum fantasy

Perhaps you saw a television character that made you imagine him stripped completely naked in front of your showing how gifted he really is:

space adventure character fantasy

Suspend Disbelief

In the real world we all live in, many celebrities do not allow full nude photographs of themselves to be released. My service of providing you with fantasies realized in illustrated storytelling is a rare find in the real world.

For fantasies to work for you, it is necessary in your mind for you to suspend disbelief in what you are actually seeing with your eyes. If you allow your mind you focus on, “That does not really look like me [or insert celebrity name here]” then you are allowing your mind to wreck the impact of your fantasy. Allowing your mind to wreck the impact of your fantasy is a problem that only you can solve.

A Story Told with Multiple Images

You may prefer to go beyond just one image for your illustrated fantasy: I can produce sequential images (like in graphic novels and comics) to unveil a story that you specify. You get up to a total of 12 images which each have text included to propel the narrative flow. Take a look at an example of the kind of quality illustrated storytelling you can expect to get if you commission me to do this for you:

multi-page story sample

Posted Price for Multiple Images Stories

The posted price for up to a total 12 sequential images that together tell one story of your specific fantasy is $350. This price includes one character whose face I create for you based on a photograph that you provide to me.

Additional custom faces: You can get addition custom faces based on photographs that you provide to me. Each additional custom face for this 12-page downloadable digital file (pdf) is priced at $35.

Additional pages: You also can choose to expand your customized illustrated story beyond just 12 pages. Each additional page you want to order beyond the first 12 is priced at $25.


Let’s Get Started

Send me email at to let me know what you would like for your exciting customized fantasy. I will respond by sending you the simple details about what I need to produce this work for you. Be sure that you inquire about any unpublished discounts that I may currently be offering that can save you money.

Don’t delay the pleasures of exploring your private fantasies!
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This offer is available exclusively from author and artist Madeira Desouza of Las Vegas, Nevada.