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Dancing Dangling Down

Another episode presenting a taboo tale of fiction. “Dancing Dangling Down” explores a suspension hanging of a man in the presence of an audience. Explicit…

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Collecting Men in Peril Images

Images of men in peril are worth collecting:

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Thief of Eggs

A taboo tale of fiction, “Thief of Eggs” follows the misadventures of a young man who discovers a forbidden method for increasing his masculinity and…

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Dead in the Water

“Dead in the Water” explores the drowning theme. We all have been attracted to those highly masculine men from Pacific Islands such as Samoa who…

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Work Boots Fetish

Don’t you just love it when big boys wear big work boots?

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Unlucky Cowboy

The young cowboy rode from one town to the next, never knowing what to expect. The first person he encountered when he arrived in town…

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Devil or Angel?

From Desouza of Vegas comes a new illustrated story in the supernatural theme. Devil or Angel: A Story of the Ancient Jinn — Creatures with…

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Revenge of the Taliban

See Revemge pf the Taliban based upon recent events taking place in Afghanistan after the U.S. withdrawal.

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Rent Me for Your Fantasies Tonight

Uncensored and extreme illustrated fiction by Madeira Desouza. A strong, desirable young man who is tall, dark, and muscular makes himself available exclusively for men…

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Male Hanging Fetish

[author and artist: Madeira Desouza] Several years ago I designed a contemporary device for hanging men. Although this device was never constructed in the physical…

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Revenge Lust in the Wild, Wild West

[author and artist: Madeira Desouza] Taboo tales told around campfires have passed down to us valuable insights into what happened between cowboys and Native Americans…

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In this website section you will see storytelling about characters and situations of men in peril exclusively for men who are attracted to men. Access…

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Secret Military Executions

[author and artist: Madeira Desouza] Here’s a collection of some of my most representative images depicting secret military executions. Secret Military Executions

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Combat Culture

[author and artist: Madeira Desouza] Behind combat lines there often are stories of violent men behaving badly.

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